I was in my handy-dandy nearby Walgreen’s today, to pick up a couple of prescriptions at the pharmacy.  This was the first time I had used a new app on my iPhone, that lets me simply scan my bottle or package and order refills.  How cool is that?  It’s not as fast as simply going in and doing it in person, the app sends you a note back letting you know when you can pick it up, and for my order it was more than 24 hours later, but it does allow you to order things in advance of your actual drive, if you want.  All in all, a neat feature, and a real convenience.

I got to the counter, and was told they only had part of the prescription ready.  The clerk seemed a bit uneasy as he explained why.

I take Vitamin B-12 every two weeks, in a shot.  The doctor gave me the option of coming in every time and the staff would do the injection, or I could do it myself.  Since office visits are $20 co-pays, I opted to do it myself.  This requires I have a prescription for the liquid B-12, and one for the syringes.  Seems Walgreens was out of the particular syringe my doctor prescribed for me, so it was on “back order” or something.  No big deal, as I have about a month and a half before I run out.  I only ordered them now because I was getting something else, as well.  (Niaspan.  Seems my “good” cholesterol is too low, and heaven forbid I have to do that other procedure to bring it up – exercise!)

The funny moment in all this occurred when the clerk went to tell me they didn’t have the syringes.  He said “We don’t have your”, paused for half a beat while almost-but-not-quite looking around, and dropped the volume of his voice to about a quarter of what it was before, and said “syringes”.  Apparently he was concerned about my privacy, which I suppose is a good thing, but had he continued in a normal tone of voice, it would not have registered to me that anyone else could hear him.  I simply would not have cared.  (yeah, I don’t care about such things, so much that I’m even writing a blog about it!)

I suppose some folks wouldn’t want it to be known that they give themselves shots.  Until this encounter, I never thought much about it.  I just found it a bit funny when his voice dropped and he nearly whispered “syringes”.

Sometimes I’m easily amused.