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So full fledged Internet meme participation…  “I love living in the future!”  This image is a screenshot off my laptop computer, of video on NASA TV, beamed to Earth from the International Space Station.  Here the Dragon spacecraft has been grappled by the robotic arm, getting lined up to be berthed to the bottom side of the orbiting complex.  (“bottom side of the orbiting complex” was just now stolen by me from the NASA TV audio feed!)

12 year old Space Cadet JimmieJoe is green with envy over all the cool stuff in grown-up JimmieJoe’s life.  While all the computers are neat, I think he’s most impressed by the iPhone, which lets me watch things from outer space live on a hand held device, even in the basement dispatch center that was built to be an atom bomb/fallout shelter.  Most of the stuff grown-up JimmieJoe takes for granted these days has Space Cadet JimmieJoe beside himself, barely able to contain the giddy joy of life in the future.

He does give me a strange look now and then, though…

I know what he’s thinking.  (of course I do.  He’s me.)

It’s that whole flying car thing.

You’d think we could let that go, but…  no.  We were promised, dammit!


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Watching the astronauts suit up for a spacewalk.  You can see it on your cable/satellite system, or online at NASA TV.

There is a HD feed at that is actually ahead of my satellite tv system feed!  That’s a bit strange to me…  the HD internet feed is a split second ahead of the satellite feed, and well ahead of the standard internet feed.  If you’ve got a broadband connection, the HD is the way to watch online!  Spacewalks are a lot of work, but you get a break beforehand…  you just float there while your astro-buddies do all the work getting your suit ready to go!  Once you step outside, though, it’s about 6 hours of steady work, and no coffee breaks.  Bathroom breaks are a bit different, too.

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