“It’s the end of the world!! Again!!”

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Bar-CodeIn the 40’s, it was the Nazis.  In the 50’s, it was the Communists.  In the 60’s, it was the hippies.  In the 70’s, it was the Nixon administration.  Something is always just about to come over the hill, or around the corner, and destroy “THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE!!” (trademark, copyright 1776)

We’ve had an endless onslaught of nonsense from the doomsayers for more than 70 years.  (truth be told, for a lot longer than that)  The past 5 years have been incredibly dense with “Chicken Littles”, however.  We’ve had the ‘death panels’.  Birth certificates.  The power of a father seen only a few times in a lifetime over the mind of a man elected President.  “He’s a socialist!” “He’s a communist!”  “He’s gay, and gay married!”  “IT’S THE END OF OUR WAY OF LIFE!!!!”

Facebook is now seeing the latest round of nonsense, that combines more hysteria and the fear of “big government!”.  (No, not the big government that wants to tell you what to do with your body, or who you can marry, the OTHER big government.)  Today’s breathless end-of-our-lives-as-we-have-known-them claims?  Chips!


Blogs, Stephen King, and 666

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Sometimes the universe is just too nice to me.

My previous post on this blog was my 666th post.  WordPress lets you know how many posts you’ve made so far, and provides a pithy little quote to keep you motivated. My cheery little saying was from Stephen King! Talk about juxtaposing!

Mother Nature, or somebody (or something), knows my sense of humor, and sent me a little zinger.

Then, just to really play with me, as I’m in the middle of writing this, my cursor suddenly starts running down the page, as if I was holding down the ‘return’ key.  I thought I was going to have to do a forced shut-down to regain control, but after a second of ever-increasing blank page, I was able to regain control.

Bwwaahahahahaaha!!  And Halloween’s just a few weeks away.  This could be fun!

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