Thursday night a couple of the ladies at work are chatting, alternating between being silly and serious, when the conversation turned to the relative size of their tushes. One, a rather slim one, was joking that she was going to have implants done to her bottom side. The other, a bit on the heavy side, said she’d like to have some removed. Then she offered hers to the first, saying she could spare some, and that then they’d be “butt buddies”.

I spoke up and said “you know, in my world, ‘butt buddies’ has a whole different meaning!”

It’s a good thing the radio traffic was dead right then, because neither one would have been able to transmit anything but laughter.

That humorous interlude would have been impossible if I were still in the closet. Just another reason to be out and proud. You don’t have to pass on fun word play!