Our part of the valley used to be an Oak forest

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South of Woodlake, California. Road 212, south of Avenue 328, looking southeast.

Throwback Thursday



2009, at the Hog Wallows, south of Woodlake, California

#ThrowbackThursday Woodlake California 1958

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Jimmie Joe Reeves, Sr. 20, Jimmie Joe Reeves, Jr. (me) not yet 1, Wanda Faye Bergman Reeves, 19

At my maternal grandparents home, outside of Woodlake, California


The Internet as Time Capsule


My family has roots in Woodlake, a small community 20 miles northeast of Visalia. A while back  I joined a Facebook page “You know you’re from Woodlake if…”  Today, while scanning a picture someone posted, I spotted my mother.  She’s in a 7th grade class picture, taken on November 10, 1953.  She’s 14 here.  You can spot her in the back row, 5th from the left.  I’m amazed at how many of my nieces I can see in her face, looking out from 61 years ago.  What’s more amazing to me, is that in 4 years, she’ll be married and a mother.


I thought WordPress would allow the image to be clickable to a larger version, but apparently not.  Here’s an enlargement of the section my Mother is in:

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 5.11.46 AM

Wanda Faye Bergman (later, Reeves) Top row, middle.

A palm tree + a sloped driveway + manual transmission + a brand new Toyota + a 12 year old boy = prescription for disaster

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1969. Man was about to walk on the Moon.  Vietnam was in full gear.  Richard Nixon was President.  Before the terms “I am not a crook”, and “Watergate” entered the language.

I was a skinny, awkward, shy 6th grader.  I had one friend in the new school I was attending now that we had moved to Woodlake, and I wasn’t really making many more.  (that one friend is still someone I count in a very small number of “best friends”)

Dad had recently started working for a newcomer in the automobile market, Toyota, at the new Toyota of Visalia dealership on Main Street in Visalia.  Back in those days, salesmen could take one of the new cars home with them, and my Dad, although he loved driving things like Land Cruisers, brought home a brand new 1969 Toyota Corona.  It was very much like this one:

I promptly crashed it into a palm tree.


Kris & John’s New Home

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My sister Kristeen and her husband John have bought a home and land in Woodlake.  Congratulations to them both!  It’s a really cool place they’re going to love it.  Pool parties!

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