What’s up with that??

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You’re not following @queerlandia !  What’s up with that?  Get over to Twitter right now and take care of that problem!


Testing. Tweeting. Twondering.

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This is a test. This is only a test. Testing a Tweet, or Tweeting a test.

That is all.

Random Tweet Convergence

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Sometimes the random nature of Twitter produces some awesome results.  Two people I follow, who may not even be aware of each other, tweeted comments at nearly the same time today that resulted in this:

Both are actors and their random comments today made me smile.

MySpace isn’t, anymore

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If their goal is to run off everyone except the teenagers, they’ve succeeded.  The interface is too busy, it takes too long to load, and advertisements and other junk keep gumming up the works, making my computer act like it’s suddenly an 836 with 20 megs of RAM!  MySpace isn’t, anymore.  I’ll keep the page just to refer people here, and to have my Tweets pop up.  And who knows, there might be a kid or two who will find me interesting.

I Tweeted the President – Think He’ll See It?

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This Tweet from the President generated my response.  The Department of Defense is suspending discharges under “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”, but the Department of Justice is appealing the Federal Court ruling striking it down.  The President has 5.6 million Twitter followers, so I’m not expecting that anyone, let alone him, ever actually reads the feed.  But I feel better, anyway.  😉


A Few Hotties

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Three guys I follow on Twitter or Facebook.  Lt. Dan Choi, Ben Patrick Johnson, and Dennis Depew. I haven’t met any of them (yet- who knows!) but they sure are nice to look at…  And from following their tweets and comments, they seem like they’re even nice guys!

UPDATE! 4/9/2010   Met Lt. Dan Choi this afternoon!  He gave a great talk at UC Merced.  He’s a good speaker, if you have the chance, go see him in person.  And I was right, he IS a nice person, in person!

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