And so it ends…

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And so it ends…  another vacation in the history file.

Very little accomplished, few places visited, and no dents in the credit card.

All in all, a quiet, inexpensive “staycation”.

Next up, vacation!  In June. Three more weeks, with San Francisco, Los Angeles, and maybe more in store.

Stay tuned.

I hope I remember how to do a “calling all cars…  calling all cars” broadcast!


End of vacation

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Well, technically, the vacation ended yesterday.  With my regular days off, I go back to work Monday.  Hope I remember how to tell them where to go!

Vacation, day 4

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This is a bit embarrassing.  I’ve been telling myself I should get up a bit earlier each day, and get some work done.

Instead, I’ve been lounging in bed later and later, and blogging and Facebooking and Twittering.


Ten hours to go, then – Vacation!

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One more work shift to go. Then, it’s vacation time, and I’m outta there!

Four weeks off, with nothing planned at all.

Looking for suggestions…

Requirements are simple:

Cheap.  Fun.  Easy.  Company welcome, but you’ll have to pay your own way.


Let me know.


Vacation 2.0

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I’m on vacation again.  No plans, but who knows what will pop up?

Yes, again.

Here’s how it works:

I’ve been on the job for over 17 years, now.  I’m at the highest vacation accrual rate.  That’s good for about 4 weeks or more a year.  We’re also able to take 8 hours a year as a personal holiday.  Where the extra time really kicks in, however, is holidays.  Most people in government employ get 13 holidays a year, spread out during the 12 months.  It’s usually a Monday, although Thanksgiving and Christmas are in there, too, and generate a couple of days for each in those 13.  The “regular” daytime administrative staff gets the day off, with pay.  Since my job is 24/7/365, we work the holidays.  Since it’s inequitable to give some people the day off with pay, but not others, we get 8 hours of vacation time added to our time banks.  With the personal holiday, that’s another 2 weeks!

Some people are amazed at the time I have available for vacation, but they seldom think of the days they take off through the year for various 3 day weekends.  If a holiday falls on my regular work day, I’m working.  You might be at home watching football, but I’m at work!

I simply take all those days off at different times than you.

I go back to work on the 18th.

Yeah, I love my job!

I can hear you now!

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I’m back at work after an almost European vacation of 5 weeks. It’s all coming back to me.


Vacation Begins: Now

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Starts now. Ends March 13. Need suggestions on what to do in between.  Ideas?

T-minus 2 Days, and Counting!

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Launching December 18, 2009!

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