The One True Path

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I’m an ordained High Priest.  (Really, I am. Honest.)

This is one of my Altars of the One True Path.

It dispenses the Elixir of Life.

It is not necessary to bow down before it, it’s only a machine, after all.

All hail the Altar of The One True Path!

The Elixir of Life

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Why would anyone drink anything else?

Keep your Red Bulls, your Monsters, and your over-priced fancy coffees!  This is the beverage the Universe came into existence to create.

The true Elixir of Life.

(Coke will do in a pinch, if there’s no Pepsi, but it’s a pale imitation of the true Elixir!)

This in response to a post on QueerFresno 9.0 about Nathan’s Starbux addiction!

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