Joining an internet meme

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So full fledged Internet meme participation…  “I love living in the future!”  This image is a screenshot off my laptop computer, of video on NASA TV, beamed to Earth from the International Space Station.  Here the Dragon spacecraft has been grappled by the robotic arm, getting lined up to be berthed to the bottom side of the orbiting complex.  (“bottom side of the orbiting complex” was just now stolen by me from the NASA TV audio feed!)

12 year old Space Cadet JimmieJoe is green with envy over all the cool stuff in grown-up JimmieJoe’s life.  While all the computers are neat, I think he’s most impressed by the iPhone, which lets me watch things from outer space live on a hand held device, even in the basement dispatch center that was built to be an atom bomb/fallout shelter.  Most of the stuff grown-up JimmieJoe takes for granted these days has Space Cadet JimmieJoe beside himself, barely able to contain the giddy joy of life in the future.

He does give me a strange look now and then, though…

I know what he’s thinking.  (of course I do.  He’s me.)

It’s that whole flying car thing.

You’d think we could let that go, but…  no.  We were promised, dammit!

Ten hours to go, then – Vacation!

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One more work shift to go. Then, it’s vacation time, and I’m outta there!

Four weeks off, with nothing planned at all.

Looking for suggestions…

Requirements are simple:

Cheap.  Fun.  Easy.  Company welcome, but you’ll have to pay your own way.


Let me know.


LGBT Life Online Panel a great experience


Sunday was the LGBT Life Online panel held at the PFLAG (Parents, Family & Friends of Lesbians and Gays) meeting here in Visalia.  The Tulare-Kings PFLAG invited this group to speak on blogging and online activities of the LGBT community in the central valley.  From left to right, Andrew, web manager for Tulare-Kings PFLAG‘s website and Facebook pages, Melissa of, Brooke of and, Justin of My LGBT Plus, myself representing and the soon to be discontinued, and Ted of My LGBT Plus sat on the panel.  Each gave an overview of the history and objectives of their respective organizations.  A question and answer period allowed the audience a chance to ask about the various groups and how they operate.

This is the first time I’ve been on such a panel, and it was not too long ago that you’d never have gotten me up in front of a crowd like this.  I was amazed that I was completely calm, and was looking forward to the event before hand, and enjoyed being before the group.  The past few years have seen quite the change in my personal growth, even if I do say so myself, in that I’m much more relaxed and confident.  That’s a big change for me, and I think much of it has to do with deciding to be an out gay man.


A Rare Thing


Here’s something that doesn’t often happen.  I’m all dressed up for dinner!  Enjoy the view, it’s a rare thing.  I was even told that “I clean up well”!

Podcast 2 – Jim Talks About The Shootout!

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It’s vacation time at Casa Jimmiejoe!

I talk about vacation, San Francisco, my Dad in the Air Force, and taking a 9-1-1 call in the middle of a shootout!

A podcast that dares to ask the eternal question… is anyone listening? Especially for 11 minutes and 45 seconds?

Just in case I said the wrong URL, The Trevor Project is at

No Reason

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I just felt like it, that’s why.

Happy Mother’s Day

all you mothers!

Oh, Daffy was yelling something about not doing it, but I think he’s just jealous that he’s not in center frame.  Talk about a camera hog!

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