Throwback Thursday – Jimmiejoe from a long time ago.

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Mineral King Bowl, Visalia, in the late 1970’s.  The whole fam damily is here for someone’s graduation, but I’m not sure whose.  Possibly my sister Sherry’s, which would place it in June, 1977.  Maybe someone later, I’ll have to check and see if anyone else recalls who we were there for.  I’m about 19 or 20, and that ball cap is my REACT hat, back from my CB radio days.

If I had been out to myself at the time, let alone anyone else, I think I would have qualified as a “twink”.  Assuming the term was around then, I don’t know the history of that label to be sure. (I just checked, it started about that time, so I would have been one of the first! 😉 )

At any rate, a lot of water under the bridge since this Polaroid was snapped by one of the cousins that evening.  I wonder if I still have that watch laying around in some box somewhere?

#ThrowbackThursday Woodlake California 1958

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Jimmie Joe Reeves, Sr. 20, Jimmie Joe Reeves, Jr. (me) not yet 1, Wanda Faye Bergman Reeves, 19

At my maternal grandparents home, outside of Woodlake, California


Dinner, and a downtown stroll

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I have some wonderful friends.  Last night three of them drove down from Fresno (well, only one of them actually drove, the other two just rode along) to pick me up for a dinner date here in Visalia.  We went to Fugazzi’s, one of Visalia’s favorite bistro style restaurants.  (It was packed!)

I tend to eat in places like Quiznos and Subway, so I seldom have occasion to dine at a fancier establishment.  Fugazzi’s is comfortable, you don’t have to dress up, but nobody was in shorts and flip-flops.  I did see a couple of tshirts with blue jeans, but most of us were dressed nicely.  Black seemed to be the choice of the evening, with many men in black shirts and pants, and the women in black dresses.  (Some of those men looked really hot in black!)

I ordered the salmon, and this is what they brought me:


I don’t recall getting a flower in my food before.  Pretty, though, isn’t it?


Well, that didn’t take long…


Since the age of 12, I’ve realized I was an atheist.  It wasn’t very hard to figure out that what I had been told just didn’t make sense.  We attended several different churches over the years, and all of them taught variations on the same story, all proclaiming, of course, that they were the one true way to “Heaven”. Over the years since I’ve been called various names for being an atheist. Some were voiced politely, some not. I long ago learned to ignore most of the comments, and only discuss the subject with people who are interested in a calm, rational, intelligent conversation.

What’s funny is the similarities and differences in reactions from people, when they find out I”m an atheist, I’m gay, or both.  I had an experience just today that is kind of amusing, but sad at the same time.


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