I have some wonderful friends.  Last night three of them drove down from Fresno (well, only one of them actually drove, the other two just rode along) to pick me up for a dinner date here in Visalia.  We went to Fugazzi’s, one of Visalia’s favorite bistro style restaurants.  (It was packed!)

I tend to eat in places like Quiznos and Subway, so I seldom have occasion to dine at a fancier establishment.  Fugazzi’s is comfortable, you don’t have to dress up, but nobody was in shorts and flip-flops.  I did see a couple of tshirts with blue jeans, but most of us were dressed nicely.  Black seemed to be the choice of the evening, with many men in black shirts and pants, and the women in black dresses.  (Some of those men looked really hot in black!)

I ordered the salmon, and this is what they brought me:


I don’t recall getting a flower in my food before.  Pretty, though, isn’t it?