Meet Ted.

I’ve known him for about 16 years now, and a better friend nobody could want or have.

A hottie, yes?

Well, the other day I had a dream about him.

Not so much about *him*, but he’s the reason for the subject matter of this particular dream.

Before I met him, I had a smidgen of computer smarts, hardly enough to even call them that, but a bit.  I’ve learned a lot since then, and 99.9% of it from Ted.  I’m sure he’s had to bite his tongue a time or two, and probably wonders why it takes so much repetition for me to finally learn something so simple!  But after 16 years of his expert tutoring, I’m actually seen by others (folks at work, family, a few other friends) as being a computer geek who they can turn to if they need computer help.  Generally, I can help them, and not blow up their machines in the process.  If I don’t know the answer to what are usually fairly simple issues, I can refer them to someone who can.

The dream?  I only remember a bit of it.  (I’m not one who wakes up with a clear memory of my dreams) It did have to do with sliding something in and out.

This is about all I recall of the dream.  This is a RAID rack of computer hard drives.  Simply put, if you have only one hard drive in your computer, and it fails, you risk losing all of your data.  Companies used to back up their files each night to digital format on a tape, but today’s systems and files are just too big to rely on that.  Now, companies have computer systems that store data across many drives, so that if one or more fail, the data is still there.  You just pull the bad drive out, and replace it with a new one.  Your data is safe.

The dream was about me doing something with a RAID rack.  I recall putting in drives in some rack somewhere.

You’d think with someone that looks like Ted, dreams inspired by him might be of a different nature!