I Love Living In the Future

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Inmarsat-3A few minutes ago, I was sitting in my living room, holding a little piece of plastic and metal to my ear, no wires connecting me to any plugs on the walls, talking to a friend in Virginia as he drove down a highway.  Space Cadet JimmieJoe was jumping up and down in my head again, amazed.

When I was 12, the Space Cadet often daydreamed about the future.  There were spaceships and incredible computers.  Meals would be selected on a screen, and be magically transported to the table by a conveyor. Communication anywhere on the planet would be simple, quick, and complete with video. Super sonic jets would whisk you to anyplace on Earth in a short time, and, of course, flying cars would be everywhere.  Think – “The Jetsons”.

Well, the future is here, but it looks a bit different than Space Cadet JimmieJoe imagined.


I Live In The Future

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I’m laying in a luxury bed in a beautiful large room, in a fancy hotel, near the ocean and an international travel center.  I have a computer on my lap, a device that’s almost a Tricorder (my iPhone) on the table next to me, and a flat screen TV across the room.  I traveled here in a machine that is simple to control at high speeds, moderately inexpensive to operate, and has room for five people.   I had fresh salmon for dinner last night, prepared at my order.

I live in the future.  And it’s cool.  Still a bit disappointed, though.  I really thought I’d have that flying car by now.  George Jetson, you led me on, you bumbling bastard.


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