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She’s Back! Mother Nature is making her annual appearance in my yard.

Mother Nature and Her Plants Mother Nature.  What a gal…  You’ve got to give her credit, she’s quite the industrious gardener.  Leave a plot of ground unattended for even a short time, and she’ll dive right in and start working.  Even our lawns aren’t spared her loving touch.  She must not really care for the carefully manicured, smooth expanses that most of us like in front of our homes.  It takes no time at all for her to start her ministrations,  tossing seeds hither an … Read More


I Really Do… No, Really, I Do. Honest.

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I really do, every once in a while, some yard work.  At least in the front yard, where I see it all the time.  Not to mention the traffic on Tulare Avenue.  And of course it doesn’t help that, right across the street, “Jesus” is staring right at my yard!

I was going to do a “before and after” thing, but I forgot the “before”!  Trust me, it wasn’t this pretty.

Ok, “pretty” is a bit of a stretch… ” neat”.  “Neat” is a better term.  It wasn’t this neat.  I was going to mow and trim the front, then work on the back yard a bit too.  “Unfortunately” (snicker, yeah, unfortunately) I filled up the yard waste can with the front yard stuff.  The back yard will have to wait.  Say it with me…  aaawwwwww.   A couple of more pictures of the front yard after the jump.  No pictures of the back yard.  They’re much to embarrassing.


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