It’s Not That Difficult… Really, It’s NOT!

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First it was the King.  The ads got creepy, and I started having problems with my order.  I left the kingdom for good after too many royal pains with my simple order.  It’s about as simple as it comes: NO CHEESE.  That’s it.  The only simpler request is to just take the default preparation.


No, There’s Not…

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Haitian child after the earthquake

I take that back…  there is no God. Or gods.

There Is A God…. (via Tulare County Atheists)

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There Is A God.... or at the very least, Mother Nature has one hell of a sense of humor! Mr. Deity's channel on YouTube sports Ads by Google.  I thought this one was particularly funny! Check out that ad!  That's just too funny!  I really, really hope someone forwards that to Liberty University.  They should have an ambulance standing by, though. Mr. Deity and Liberty University…  what a combination!  Thank you Google! … Read More

via Tulare County Atheists

NO H8 Campaign Coming To Bakersfield Pride (via Queer Bakersfield)

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NO H8 Campaign Coming To Bakersfield Pride The NO H8 Campaign will be at Bakersfield Pride October 23! Watch for further details! Follow NO H8 on Twitter, at NOH8Campaign. Web page at … Read More

via Queer Bakersfield

Friday Night, And The Living Is…

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It’s Friday!  Last night was quiet most of the shift, not a whole lot going on.  It will be interesting to see what happens tonight!  It’s the end of the week, the beginning of the weekend, and it’s been hot.  The perfect combination for nuttiness writ large.

This past week we’ve been dealing with a 5150.  He’s been calling numerous times, threatening us with lawsuits and dire consequences if we don’t deal with his issue.  (which involves NATIONAL SECURITY HARD DRIVES stolen from his home by other law enforcement agencies. The home he was evicted from.  Very strange)  My last interaction with him I told him we could not help him, and that if his issue involved NATIONAL SECURITY HARD DRIVES then he needed to call the FBI. He said he already called them,  and I’m sure they were less sympathetic than we’ve been.  Remember that line from MIB?  “The FBI does not have a sense of humor that we’re aware of”.   He would not stop his rant, so I finally hung up on him.  He called right back and some other dispatcher dealt with him.  He likes the women better,  and she was able to sweet talk him into calming down.

Anyway, it’s Friday night, and it’s my Friday night!  10 hours and then the weekend begins again.  I’m ready!

My Parents are Trekkies (via Plot Configuration Parameters)

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Blasphemy? Well, no, not really. Close. Almost.  Kinda.  It’s fun to see latecomers figure out what we’ve known since (in my case) 1972. Welcome to the Federation!

My Parents are Trekkies Which for many years guaranteed I wasn’t. And when I say “Trekkies” I mean mostly that  my dad can watch the same episodes over and over and over and over and over and over and over again without difficulty, and gives my mom a Star Trek calender every Christmas, and my mom watched the series, and therefore I knew all the character names, the general ‘universe’ of the series, and the theme song from the very first note. This also helped insure my … Read More

via Plot Configuration Parameters

Questions, questions, questions (via Queer Visalia)

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Questions, questions, questions On the stats page of QueerVisalia, I occasionally see 'Jim Reeves' pop up on the "search engine terms" that have brought folks to this blog.  A bit of ego will pop up, and I'll think "oh… look!  They're checking me out!"  But then rationality rears up and says "oh, please!  That's probably not you!  Do you know how many Jim Reeves there are out there?" Ego Jim gets a bit huffy and stomps off, muttering, while rational Jim says "what did I say? … Read More

via Queer Visalia

Appeals Court Grants Stay – Gay Marriage on Hold in California (via Queer Visalia)

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Appeals Court Grants Stay - Gay Marriage on Hold in California The Circuit Court has issued a stay in the Proposition 8 case.  Same-sex marriages will NOT resume while the Court hears the appeal. Filed order (EDWARD LEAVY, MICHAEL DALY HAWKINS and SIDNEY R. THOMAS) Appellants' motion for a stay of the district court's order of August 4, 2010 pending appeal is GRANTED. The court sua sponte orders that this appeal be expedited pursuant to Federal Rule of Appellate Procedure 2. The provisions of Ninth Circuit R … Read More

via Queer Visalia

NASA Robot Put To Sleep

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“They put me into my SLEEPR baseplate. I feel more comfortable already.”

R2 prepares for his Shuttle flight to the International Space Station.

Follow his adventures on Twitter!

Gentleman Jim: Welcome to my world

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I have the same name…  wish I had the same voice.  Such a crooner.

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