Intolerance of intolerance is intolerant. Huh??


facepalm_statueThe newest right-wing meme is this:

If you don’t tolerate our intolerance, you’re being intolerant, and therefore a hypocrite!

Sorry, right wing.  It doesn’t work that way.  You may get your sheeple to go along with that, but the rest of us just wonder if you’re off your meds.



A Vow Of Poverty? It seems not…

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Carrie Prejean’s Merry Go Round still spinning out of control

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carrie_prejean01In the latest round of the saga of poor Carrie Prejean,  a sex tape of the former Miss California USA has been introduced into the plot.    As you’ll recall, Miss Prejean became a darling of the right wing after coming in second in the Miss USA contest.  Her response to a question on same-sex marriage, not noted for it’s intelligence or delivery, even if a dearly held belief of Miss Prejean’s,  became instant fodder for the judge who asked the question, on-line gossip Perez Hilton. Quickly taken up by the religious right, who echoed her claims that she lost the Miss USA crown due to her “moral” stand on same-sex marriage,  her cause became a national sensation, portrayed as an attack on her personal “family values” beliefs.  The latest chapter in this never-ending saga now includes reports of a video of Miss Prejean in a solo performance of a sexual nature.


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