carrie_prejean01In the latest round of the saga of poor Carrie Prejean,  a sex tape of the former Miss California USA has been introduced into the plot.    As you’ll recall, Miss Prejean became a darling of the right wing after coming in second in the Miss USA contest.  Her response to a question on same-sex marriage, not noted for it’s intelligence or delivery, even if a dearly held belief of Miss Prejean’s,  became instant fodder for the judge who asked the question, on-line gossip Perez Hilton. Quickly taken up by the religious right, who echoed her claims that she lost the Miss USA crown due to her “moral” stand on same-sex marriage,  her cause became a national sensation, portrayed as an attack on her personal “family values” beliefs.  The latest chapter in this never-ending saga now includes reports of a video of Miss Prejean in a solo performance of a sexual nature.

Early on, Prejean was depicted as the darling of the right.  Beautiful, charming, and a firm defender of family values,  the right immediately took up the battle to defend her against the savage attacks of the “homosexual activists who want to destroy America and it’s families”.    Prejean toured the country, appearing at right wing religious affairs, defending her position on same-sex marriage with statements that, when translated into  Hollywood-speak, were basically “but….  I’m a beauty queen!”.   Donald Trump got into the act, first supporting Prejean, then later firing her after she continued to ignore the contract she signed with the pageant (owned by Trump).  You can’t get away with ignoring the Donald for very long, even if you’re Miss California!

The first bump on Prejean’s road to disaster may have been the revelation that the Miss California USA pageant paid $5,200 for breast enhancement surgery for Miss Prejean before the Miss USA pageant.  At the time, the Pageant defended the practice as “quite common” in the industry.

Next, she failed to inform the Pageant of appearances she was making at conservative and religious gatherings, as required in her contract.  She also failed to appear at events scheduled by the Pageant.  Prejean’s explanations for these issues also translated into “but…. I’m a beauty queen!”.   The Donald fired her, she sued, and the Pageant sued back.

The lawsuit by Prejean was dropped recently, however, when the news of a sex tape starring Miss Prejean in a solo performance was announced.  Rather than risk it making it out to the internet,  Prejean and her legal team settled with the Pageant, and withdrew her lawsuit.  Terms were sealed in a confidentiality agreement.

The tarnished crown still follows Miss Prejean, however.  Tonight’s appearance at “Defenders of the Family” will not include the former beauty queen.


If you were planning on attending, you’ll have to make due with Bill and George, instead.

It will be interesting to see if Carrie can pull out of her nose dive and restore her crown, at least with the religious right.  The tape may be the straw that broke the right-wing camel’s back, however, and Miss Prejean may become another example of hypocrisy in action.  The Queen is dead!  Long live the Queen!