It affects each of us differently, at times

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A Twitter commentary by an EMT.  Just another day at the office!  Read from the bottom up.

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From the Archives, August 10, 2008 – “Stupid Drunk Human Tricks”

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I almost titled this one “stupid criminal tricks” but until someone actually gets convicted, I suppose criminal is a bit judgmental….

Here’s the latest story that has us shaking our heads at what people will try to do to get out of trouble. The place and time – State Route 99, south of Pixley, California (in California’s great Central Valley) – about 3am. One of our south county patrol units is driving up 99 towards Pixley, heading back to the Substation. He sees a vehicle displaying all the signs of an intoxicated driver, so he makes a traffic stop. After the normal “license, registration, and insurance” interaction, the deputy gets on the radio and asks to have the CHP dispatched for a drunk driver. I get on the phone and place that call to get them started, when I hear my supervisor pick up a 9-1-1 line, and things start getting interesting…….


We Get Calls


Actual call last night:  woman says “I’ve lost my memory, and can’t find it”.

She wasn’t talking about computer parts.

We sent a cop.

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