Another crazy dream

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I usually don’t remember my dreams, but when I do, they tend to be really odd.

Here’s a recap of this morning’s random neuron firings.

For some reason, I’m going to Bakersfield to see a person who may have been some kind of University-level instructor or counselor.  When I get to Bakersfield, I’m in a crowded downtown area, and having difficulty finding a place to park.  I finally locate a vacant spot, and end up having to walk a great distance to find the place I’m supposed to be.  When I locate the person I’ve supposedly made an appointment with, he says “that’s next week. I can’t see you know”.  We do this in the middle of a large public space, indoors, like a large entry pavilion area.  I follow him outside, still trying to figure out why he won’t see me, when some other man makes a comment about More

The Journey of the Archer

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archerThat’s as good a title for this dream as any, I suppose, although all I was doing was trying to get to someplace just past the horizon.  Why I needed to be there, I don’t know, but I was determined.

I seldom remember my dreams when  I wake, and when I do it’s usually just an emotional memory, lacking details.  I do recall that recently they have been either scary or upsetting, but what they consisted of I have no idea.  This morning’s was different.

I don’t know if this dream was influenced by the book I recently read, Legacy, A Father’s Tale, or by my enjoyment of the television series Arrow, but I was apparently an archer.  I was carrying a bow, a bit more modern than the one in the image above, and I was dressed in a manner that combined elements of modern clothing and this archer’s garb.  I don’t remember having a quiver of bows on my back, however.

The journey takes place today, or very nearly so, and I’m trying to get from wherever I am, presumably Visalia, first to a point on the other side of Ivanhoe.  But things are different.


What Dreams May Come

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I seldom remember my dreams.  Unless I wake up during or immediately after, I just have no clue what they were about.  I might recall that I had a dream, but not the details.  I sometimes have a strange, fading image of something, and I feel like I knew everything about it just a moment before, but then it drops away, despite my attempts to remember, and is gone.

Last night I had a weird one, that speaks to how things that occur around us, even in our sleep, can be integrated into the dream, even as it is interrupted.

I don’t know the details of the dream before this moment, but here’s what I do recall:

I’m in a motor home, and near water.  The water level is rising, and I’ve decided I need to move to higher ground.


That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

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I’m not sure when I first became aware of them.  That has to do with how I wake up most mornings. At some point I realize I’m awake, but I’m never quite sure just how long that’s been so.  Once I noticed them, it seemed they had been there forever.  But the thing is, they weren’t there yesterday.  Not even last night.  Now they were just there, and I wasn’t sure what to do about that.  Early on, I wasn’t convinced they were really there at all.
On some mornings the ceiling fan above my bed is the propeller of a huge plane, about to land on top of me.  Other mornings it’s an avenging angel ready to smite me for my heathenish ways.  Most mornings it’s just the fan, hanging above the bed.
So… when I first became aware of them, just sort of “there”, staring at me, I simply rolled over and thought to myself “no more Taco Bell that late!”.  The trouble was, when I rolled back over a few minutes later, they hadn’t vanished into the dream world.  This was a bit confusing, since it usually only takes a moment for the real world to assert itself, and banish the imagined back into the fog of sleep.
I did the eye blink thing.
Still there.
I did the eye rub thing.
Still there.
We stared at each other for a few beats, then…


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