It’s down to the wire on the eviction of the relative who just won’t leave.  I have two more documents to file with the court, the proof of service and a request for a Clerk’s judgement.  I’m not sure what happens on the Court side of things once I file those forms, either I have to wait for them to process a judgement, or the clerk I file them with may be able to approve them on the spot (that’s what I’m hoping).  If that’s the case, then I’ll take the paperwork over to the Sheriff’s Civil Division to be served.  At that point, it’s less than 2 weeks before I have my house back.

He’s been here ten years, put four holes in various walls, broke the lid to the toilet tank (how the hell do you break a toilet tank lid??), probably ruined the carpet in his bedroom, knocked the closet doors off their runners (I’ll probably have to replace the whole closet door assembly),
and trashed my refrigerator and the kitchen.  I took an old washer and dryer to the recyclers last year, and he promptly filled the space in the garage with junk he’s dug out of trash cans.  Then he has the nerve to complain about the cat’s mess!  There will be a ton of work to clean things up, once I get him gone.  He’s refused years of attempts to get him to move, so it’s come down to this.  He will be forcibly thrown out by the Sheriff, and arrested if he returns.

I won’t have to put up with shopping carts parked at my side gate any more.  Or him accusing me of having sex with his daughter!

Let this be an object lesson:  he used to be a decent guy, good with his hands and with mechanical things, and fun to be around.  Now, after he fried his brain with drugs, he’s a shell of the man he used to be, and a hateful, verbally abusive schizophrenic, who self-medicates with alcohol.  If he comes around looking for a place to stay, I’d recommend you refuse.  You won’t like the results if you permit him to stay.  Until he decides he wants help, he’s on his own.

UPDATE:  11/28/2012

Clerk’s judgement and writ of execution filed, Sheriff’s office paperwork filed, the deputies should be out tomorrow to post the notice.  December 6 they return to put him out, if he’s still there.  Time is running out.