What Dreams May Come – breaker breaker

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I seldom remember my dreams.  They fade as I wake, if I recall them at all.  Today I awoke remembering the dream that just ended, and it starred my old CB radio.

Cobra CAM 88

I own a Cobra CAM 88 Citizen’s Band radio.  It’s a 23 channel, tube type AM transceiver, and I have a Silver Eagle D-104 power mic connected to it.  I bought the radio used in the mid-to-late 1970’s from my buddy Marc Cooper, who I believe got it from his uncle.  It’s probably a mid-60’s radio.

D104In my dream, I was showing the radio to a friend, and hooked it up to try it out. Now, I haven’t even turned on a CB radio in probably ten years or more, let alone keyed one up and talked.  But I did in this dream, and heard distant stations coming in by skip.  (skip is when a radio signal bounces off the ionosphere and travels much farther than normal.  When sunspot activity is high, you can hear stations from the east coast easier than you can hear locals.  High power amplifiers add to the noise factor!)

The odd thing about this dream is More

10-4 Good Buddy

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1973.  My first CB radio was a JC Penny Pinto 23. Dad picked it up somewhere and brought it home for me.  There was the radio, a bit of coax, and a 102″ whip and mount.  I rigged it up in the garage, and went into a panic the first time someone answered my “breaker breaker 17” call.  I shut it off, and ran into the house.  It would be a few days before I became brave enough to actually talk with someone on the air, but eventually I managed.  I’ve been talking into some kind of radio ever since!


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