So Alone. But Not.

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This is a good blog by PZ Myers at Pharyngula. It expresses so much that is true about us, and I urge you to read it.

Sunday Sacrilege: So alone

Category: Godlessness
Posted on: June 27, 2010 11:53 AM, by PZ Myers

Scientists and atheists do something that many believers find repellent: we shatter their perception of their relationship to the universe. And understandably, they don’t like that.


The Silliest Story Ever Told

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PZ Myers is a biologist and associate professor at the University of Minnesota, Morris. He has a great blog site, Pharyngula, which I read quite often. I also follow him on Twitter.

Being a scientist and a rationalist, PZ isn’t shy about stating his opinion on any and all things related to science and superstitions. One of today’s posts (he posts quite often, as the mood strikes, some short pithy comments, other longer commentary. Always a good read, regardless.) is about Easter, and how the story as it’s commonly told really isn’t what it seems. Go check it out, here.

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