My most read blog post, ever. As of this posting, this blog has been viewed 2,790 times! I don’t know how many are actually reading it, as it’s hitting on the search term “ghosts”, but they are at least coming to the page to check it out. I’ve been watching the tallies on other posts on the site, and it would appear that folks are not staying and reading other entries, but at least they see this one. I hope readers find it amusing, or at least mildly interesting, since that’s mostly why I blog.

God, Ghosts, and ATMs I sometimes get strange looks when I say I don't believe in God.  Most people haven't thought much about the issue, and just accept that everyone does.  Oh, they know there are atheists out there, but for most of them, it's a rather odd thought.  They're not quite sure how to think of atheists, and suspect that we really do believe but just say we don't. Maybe they think it's a test from God, or something.  And I've been capitalizing "God" on pur … Read More

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