Geek Space: Shuttle Enterprise October 26, 1977

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From Science is a verb‘s Facebook:

On October 26, 1977, NASA’s Space Shuttle Enterprise completed its fifth and final Approach and Landing Test free flight. Enterprise was released from the back of a modified NASA 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft and had a two-minute glide back to the runway at Edwards Air Force Base.

The Approach and Landing Test program demonstrated the orbiter’s capability for safe approach and landing after an orbital flight from space. It also validated crucial onboard control systems necessary for the Shuttle Program’s next step: the launch of Shuttle Columbia into orbit on April 12, 1981.

To learn more about Space Shuttle Approach and Landing Tests , visit:

God Speaks, JimmieJoe Cracks Up

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Oh, I love a good scientific joke.  This is great!  Thanks, God!

Space Geometry Geek – Solar Eclipse

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Some cool pictures of the solar eclipse of January 2011 are at The Big Picture.

Go check them out!

Photo:(REUTERS/Jon Nazca)

Shuttle Geek – Discovery’s Last Roll Out

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Picture by Larry Tanner KSC

Discovery’s final roll out.  November’s launch to the International Space Station will be the last flight for this historic vehicle.  The third orbiter in the Shuttle fleet, Discovery’s first launch was on August 30, 1984.  In April 1990,  it launched the Hubble Space Telescope from it’s cargo bay.  In it’s career, Discovery has flown over 30 missions.  For more information, check out NASA’s Discovery pages, here and here.

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