Checking the stats for the site is part of the fun of having one’s own blog.  Recently, something in the mystical world of Internet algorithms had conspired to make search engines put a particular picture from my site, and hence it’s related blog post, near the top of the returns when the term “vacation” was entered.  That drove a lot of hits here, and my counters were getting a bit of a workout.

Well, it appears that conspiracy has ended.  As of a few days ago, the traffic directed here dropped suddenly, and the search term “vacation” hasn’t been showing up in the stats page with anywhere near the frequency of the past few months.  It looks like we’re back to the only visitors being those who are actually interested in my blogging!

Of course, this means I’ll have to work on my postings, both in frequency and content, to see if I can bring the numbers back up to the levels to which I had become accustomed!