How’s this for a birthday bash?  Oakland’s gay community got together and decided to throw a big street party in honor of my birthday!

Such thoughtful folks!  And so many adorable men!  Even Chaka Khan was there!

Sorry about the audio, iPhones just can’t handle loud bass. Or just plain loud, for that matter.

Here are some random pictures from the day…

From the inside, it never seems like I’m frowning or squinting, but it sure turns out that way in the pictures!  I’m really having a great time here!  Probably one of the best birthdays in decades!  Really!

“Madam” Butterfly greeted us at the entrance.  I have no idea.  None at all.

IIn the Club 21.  See, I do go to clubs… now and then!

They had some go-go boys there for me!  So thoughtful!

Vapors.  Yep, vapors.

A pair of hotties.

Another pair of hotties.  OK… David is a hottie.  Mike said “do something crazy!”

It’s hard to tell, but take my word…  that’s Chaka Khan up there onstage.

They threw one hell of a party for me!

I wonder how they’ll top it next year?