Last one, I promise. (Unless something really wild comes along.)



Carrie’s latest cross to bear? Her appearance on Larry King Live didn’t go so well. Larry asked a rather vague question about her recent court settlement, and the former Miss California USA pageant winner went into a snit, telling King that his question was “inappropriate”. It would seem Miss Prejean hasn’t had any coaching in how to deflect a question she doesn’t want to answer. She’s still in the “poor little ole’ me, everyone’s picking on me just because I don’t think gays should have any rights” mode. She tried to take her microphone off and storm out, but apparently even that didn’t come off as planned. Poor little Carrie, can’t even pull off a snit correctly!

Another burden for our beauty queen to deal with came when her former boyfriend announced that Carrie had done the “solo” sex video for him, and that there was more than just the one! Carrie’s claim that she was a foolish 17 year old when the video was made was disputed by her former paramour, who says she was twenty at the time it was recorded.

The religious right first championed Carrie, who became their darling when Perez Hilton went into queen bitch mode on his blog about her response to his question during the pageant about same-sex marriage. Carrie was instantly the right-wing Princess who was being hated on by the evil homosexual activists for standing up for Christian morality. Milking that for all she could, she was trotted out around the country at right-wing events. She got herself into hot water with the Donald (owner of the Miss USA pageants) after failing to appear at pageant events, and showing up at those unsanctioned right-wing events. The Donald finally told her “YOU”RE FIRED!”, and she sued for “religious discrimination” in her employment. That’s when the “solo” act surfaced, and the trial was suddenly settled with all parties signing non-disclosure agreements. The wingnut cancellations began immediately (see my previous post).

How much you want to bet she ends up doing weather for some TV station in Orange County? Or maybe Fox will put her in her own show. They’ll have a slot to fill after Glenn Beck is gone, assuming the fantasies he believes come true.