Ghosts, gays, and a haunted house

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Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 4.44.02 AMBuilt in 1891, and occupied only by it’s original owners, Porterville’s Zalud House is thought by some to be haunted.  The home stands today as it has through it’s entire history, never remodeled, and furnished with the possessions of the Zalud family.

Pearle Zalud lived in the house until her death at the age of 84 in 1970.  Pearle and several of her family members have died in the residence, and one piece of furniture sits in an upstairs bedroom, still displaying the bullet hole created when Pearle’s brother-in-law, William Brooks, was shot while sitting in it at a bank in downtown Porterville.

On February 12, 2013, the Tuesday Evening Dining Group (TEDG) went to Porterville for dinner, a walking historical tour of downtown, and a special visit inside the Zalud House.  Hosted by Porterville’s Paranormal Movement Investigations team, TEDG went ghost hunting!  Did we find any? Well….


Playing with QuickTime – I make a movie! (2:49-a short)


I didn’t know you could make videos with QuickTime.  Once I did, I did.  I may make more.  Assuming I can think of anything worth saying!

TEDG 2nd Anniversary! (via Queer Visalia)

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TEDG 2nd Anniversary! Check out TEDG at http://tedg.infoRead More

via Queer Visalia

I Won! I Won!

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I won!  I won!

The TEDG “raffle” that is.  Dolores always brings a little something to give away, and tonight’s prize was three free pretzels at Auntie Anne’s.  Good stuff!  I love them giant, hot, and salty!

Thanks, Dolores!

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