Jesus loves me, this I know – for the Bible tells me so.


spirit-byeI’ve been stewing about this one for several days.

Recently, a Facebook comment had me wondering at the unrecognized arrogance and self-importance of religious believers.

A woman posted a rather long comment praising Jesus and God for the gift He had given her.  Her story is basically this:  She was unable to be at her side when her mother died, and she felt terrible about it.  Once she did arrive however, she felt her mother’s spirit pass through her as it left to ascend to heaven.  This woman ascribed that as a gift from God to ease her grief and regret.

My first thought?  How utterly arrogant and self-centered!

Let me see if I understand this?  You are so important in God’s eyes that he felt the need to comfort you in your loss by letting you experience Mom’s spirit leaving her body?  (one wonders why Mom hung around the corpse rather than heading out right away, but that’s another blog for another time.)


starving-child-5 these kids are starving to death.  God doesn’t seem to be interested in helping them feel good.  You know, by providing enough food for them to eat.

God doesn’t want that woman to feel bad about Mom’s passing, but it must be part of his “plan” to let thousands of children die each day from hunger and disease.

If anyone wonders how I can be an atheist, here’s just one small reason.  If your God wants my worship, he’s going to have to demonstrate better priorities.  Starving children come before adults not being sad.

I’m Calling It “Jesus”

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For about the past week or so, my computer has been sending little messages to my computer god Ted, saying it was having a bit of a problem.  He monitors my computers remotely, and started getting notices of an issue with one of the two hard drives.  Bad sectors, or corrupt thingamajigs, or some such highly technical geek talk that quickly outpaces my level of understanding.   (I know just enough about computers to either fix minor problems, or really screw them up big time!)

Anyway, he let me know one of my drives was probably dying, and that I had better do something about it.  I planned to check into the problem this weekend, once I was on days-off from work.  Of course, the computer decided not to wait.  The drive died early Friday morning, disappearing from the Hardware Devices page, and everywhere else you might expect to find it.

Crap!  All my blogging stuff was on that drive!  (Rule #1!  Back it all up on DVDs!)  While not the end of the world, it was a going to be a royal pain, since recovering all that data was going to take some work.  It’s all out there on the interweb thingy, but man…  that was going to eat up a lot of time and effort to track it all down and save it somewhere else.

So, Friday, it dies.  Then… IT’S A MIRACLE!  Sunday afternoon, it’s alive again!  Quick!  Blog files backed up to an external hard drive, then to a DVD.  Whew!  I think I have it all.

I’m calling it my Jesus drive.  It died, and on the third day it rose from the dead!  Hallelujah!

Now I’m waiting to see if it decides to ascend into heaven sometime in the near future.  It’s OK, it can go into the light if it wants, I’ve got what I wanted.   I’ve blessed it with copious amounts of my Holy Ministrations (yes, I can do that. I’m a High Priest. Really. Check it out here). Blessings of a non-denominational,  secular nature, of course.  Dry blessings, since electronics and Holy Water don’t get along.  Kind of like vampires and Holy Water.  Sort of.  Same kind of smoke ensues from both if you get them wet.  Not much in the way of screams, at least not from the computer.  Sparks, sometimes.  Not much fun to be around in either case, regardless.

If the ascension thing happens, Ill let you know.

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