I Love Living In the Future

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Inmarsat-3A few minutes ago, I was sitting in my living room, holding a little piece of plastic and metal to my ear, no wires connecting me to any plugs on the walls, talking to a friend in Virginia as he drove down a highway.  Space Cadet JimmieJoe was jumping up and down in my head again, amazed.

When I was 12, the Space Cadet often daydreamed about the future.  There were spaceships and incredible computers.  Meals would be selected on a screen, and be magically transported to the table by a conveyor. Communication anywhere on the planet would be simple, quick, and complete with video. Super sonic jets would whisk you to anyplace on Earth in a short time, and, of course, flying cars would be everywhere.  Think – “The Jetsons”.

Well, the future is here, but it looks a bit different than Space Cadet JimmieJoe imagined.


Assuming the worst

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Assuming the worst:
He calls 9-1-1 to report a vehicle parked in his driveway, with a Hispanic man in the car. Caller tells 9-1-1 “he’s a criminal”. How does he know that? The man told him, in poor English, that he “doesn’t want the police to see him”. He called at shift change, so there’s no deputy available right then. 30 minutes later he’s on 9-1-1 again, mad as hell that there’s not a cop there yet about this ‘criminal’. He’s rude to the operator, (me) and also to Tulare PD dispatchers. Our unit and a Tulare PD Sargent arrive to check it out.
The gentleman was talking on his cellphone, “and didn’t want the police to see him”… on the phone while driving.

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