4 U.S. Code § 7

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While on a bike ride recently, I happened upon this monstrosity.

It should be pointed out that the flagpole in question does not belong to the house in the background. The house out-of-frame to the right is the owner.

4 U.S. Code § 7

(c)“No other flag or pennant should be placed above or, if on the same level, to the right of the flag of the United States of America,…”


GOP, NRA complicit in Florida school shooting

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When you drive the getaway car from the scene of a liquor store robbery where the clerk was killed, you can be charged with homicide even if you never entered the store. If you supply alcohol to someone and they’re involved in a fatal DUI crash later, you can be charged with a crime. If you hide a criminal from the police, you can be arrested.

Give money to a Congressman who votes to allow mentally disturbed individuals easy access to high-power assault rifles, however, you’re off scott-free when one of those people uses that weapon to kill others.  If you lobby to take military style weapons off banned firearms lists, you’re just a patriotic American who supports the Second Amendment. Vote to make these things possible, and you’re only responsible for “thoughts and prayers”.

The United States is sick. I was holding onto the hope that this disease was not terminal, but that diminishes each time we see the news of another mass shooting. Just this year alone, we’ve had 20 fatalities at school shootings, 17 of them in the most recent incident. What have we done about it? Nothing. Well, almost nothing. We elect and re-elect people like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Devin Nunes, and Donald Trump. We let them off with issuing platitudes. Children die, the NRA remains silent and writes checks.


GOP Senators to America: Billionaires First

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All 42 Republican Senators have signed a letter to Senate Majority leader Reid stating they will block all legislative action in the Senate’s remaining term, unless they first pass tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires.  Nothing else will be allowed to come to a vote before their second most important agenda item is passed (the first being insuring President Obama serves only one term).  The rich come first.

It doesn’t matter to them that the Congressional Budget Office has crunched the numbers, and reported that extending tax cuts for the top few percent of Americans is the least effective way to stimulate the economy, and extending unemployment payments the best.  For the Republicans, it’s payback time.  They are going to reward the people and companies that supported them to the tune of billions of dollars in ads and campaign contributions, and they are going to drag the Democrats down any way they can, regardless of any other of the nation’s business that won’t get handled in the mean time.

This is what the Tea Party and the Republicans among us have wrought.  I hope they are happy.  Their nearsightedness is going to affect this country for a long time.  We’ve been stepped on by the elephant, and we’re about to get shat upon as well.

For just one report about the subject, see CNN.


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