Merlin Bartz, Iowa State Senator

This man does not believe your family should be treated the same as other families.

Merlin Bartz, a state Senator in Iowa, is trying to block the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) from changing the wording of regulations regarding camping sites at state parks.   The regulations in question refer to the ability of a family group to pitch more than one tent in a campsite.  In one part of the regulations, a reference is made to “mother, father, children”.   “They’re citing the Supreme Court case and changing, you know, ‘husband and wife’ language to ’spouse,’ ” Bartz is quoted at RadioIowa. (He’s not even getting the regulation he doesn’t want changed correct!  It’s clear it’s not well functioning state campsites he’s worried about!)

Iowa’s Supreme Court ruled in April 2009 that denying same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. The court overturned the Iowa Defense of Marriage Act, in effect legalizing same sex marriage.  The ruling was unanimous. As government agencies move to make their regulations reflect the law, right wing forces have tried to prevent those changes.

Even after we’ve won, we can’t relax our vigilance.  The forces of hate will still be out there, and they’ll still think we’re evil.