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Arrived in today’s mail.  Science doesn’t care. Reality is what is real, not what we want to be real.

Not only is there no evidence for a god, there can’t be.

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Science deals with what is.  By it’s very nature, it won’t, and can’t, deal with things that don’t exist.  Individual scientists may hold some strange views about various religious figures, but science doesn’t deal with them, because they don’t exist.

Salty Current has an excellent read, here, about the subject, and why the notion of proving or disproving gods with science is a non-starter.

Science Notes writer Monado has a good post about the slickest story ever told, here. It’s a commentary on all the best things offered in sacrifice to the gods.  The priests had (and still have!) quite a racket going on.

For me, it comes down to something rather simple:  If it’s real, it exists.  If it exists, then it’s something natural.  “Super-natural” is a contradiction in terms.  Everything natural is understandable, eventually.  It can be tested.  It can be scrutinized by science.  It can be explained.  Religion is designed to be unexplainable.  That’s why it has to be taken on “faith”.

We don’t need to place our hopes (and fears) in something that isn’t real.

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