OUT, Damned Demon, OUT!

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One of the things I love about my job is that no matter how long you’ve been there (almost 16 years now for me), you can never say “now I’ve seen everything!”  Last week provided another example of just how odd things can get on the other end of the 9-1-1 line.  Just what the caller thought WE could do, I’m not sure.  If Jesus is your first line of defense, and that fails, can the Sheriff really solve the problem??

It was late night, cold, damp and before payday.  Not much was going on,  and most of the trouble makers were staying in, or at least staying below everyone’s radar, with the exception of one hell raiser.

We got the call from a frantic family member.  They were worried that the exorcism wasn’t going well, and the possessed relative was getting out of control.  Grandma, the family demon ‘caster-outer’, was apparently not having her usual success, and the possessed agitated relative was still in full demonic mode.   Demonic possession is an ongoing issue for this particular person, according to our caller, and Grandma was usually successful in her casting-out skills, but not this night.


Halloween – Where have all the goblins gone?

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halloweenAnother Halloween, come and gone.  I had the night off this year, and ended up spending it at home, watching Transformers 2.  I know, exciting, huh?  This year I got no rings on the doorbell, even from teenagers.  The church across the street, and the one up the street, each had some kind of festivals in their parking lots.  I was surprised, since in each one the kids were in costumes, and they had booths and displays set up.  I suppose these churches are a bit on the liberal side, since they didn’t seem to harbor that right-wing kookiness where demons are lurking in the candy!  Yeah, that’s right.  CBN had a blog up until it actually got noticed, where the author was telling people not to let their children have Halloween candy because it’s dedicated and prayed over by witches!  And it doesn’t matter, according to the author, whether or not the candy came from the neighbors on Halloween, or if you bought it yourself at the store!  Seems the demons can’t tell the difference.   You can’t read about it at the Christian Broadcast Network any longer, because they took it down right away, but you can read about it here. It looks like actual trick-or-treating is fast becoming a thing of the past.  I wonder if the witches and demons had anything to do with that?

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