One of the things I love about my job is that no matter how long you’ve been there (almost 16 years now for me), you can never say “now I’ve seen everything!”  Last week provided another example of just how odd things can get on the other end of the 9-1-1 line.  Just what the caller thought WE could do, I’m not sure.  If Jesus is your first line of defense, and that fails, can the Sheriff really solve the problem??

It was late night, cold, damp and before payday.  Not much was going on,  and most of the trouble makers were staying in, or at least staying below everyone’s radar, with the exception of one hell raiser.

We got the call from a frantic family member.  They were worried that the exorcism wasn’t going well, and the possessed relative was getting out of control.  Grandma, the family demon ‘caster-outer’, was apparently not having her usual success, and the possessed agitated relative was still in full demonic mode.   Demonic possession is an ongoing issue for this particular person, according to our caller, and Grandma was usually successful in her casting-out skills, but not this night.