In their 2016 platform, the Republican party says “Federalism is a cornerstone of our constitutional system. Every violation of state sovereignty by federal officials is not merely a transgression of one unit of government against another; it is an assault on the liberties of individual Americans.” 

My, how times change.

“Two U.S. agencies are preparing to submit for final White House regulatory review a plan to revoke California’s authority to set its own vehicle greenhouse gas standards and declare that states are pre-empted from setting their own vehicle rules…” – Reuters News Service, September 5, 2019.

Back to the 2016 GOP platform:

“We pledge to restore the proper balance and vertical separation of powers between the federal government and state governments — the governments closest to, and most reflective of, the American people. We encourage states to reinvigorate their traditional role as the laboratories of democracy, propelling the nation forward through local and state innovation.” 

Except, apparently, for California.

trumpminionTrump’s minions, upset that Trump was trounced in California, and determined to lash out where- and when ever possible, are trying to rescind the state’s right to set it’s own gas mileage and emission standards.  Not only California, but all states. Trump wants to pre-empt the right of any state to set their own standards, or to follow California’s (as several do already).

Elephant__ForgetfulWho knows? Maybe they just forgot what their own platform says. After all, they have so much to track. There’s all those kids in “summer camp” down at the southern border, and making sure Alabama is safe after Hurricane Dorian. Then there’s all that work going on at the border wall, and it’s no easy thing to invoice Mexico (there’s nobody at the White House who knows how to convert pesos into dollars for the bill).  It’s just a lot to sort out.

So, Federalism! Except for California, and those who would dare to follow it’s example.

Republican hypocrites. What would we do without them? (besides have clean air, get good gas mileage, not have children in cages, and the respect of the rest of the world.)

*California Capital image courtesy of Public Policy Institute of California
*Minion image courtesy of Game Tea
*Forgetful Elephant image courtesy of