Occasionally I re-visit Congressman Devin Nunes’ personal Twitter page, just to see if I’m still blocked.

Yep, still blocked. When I first noticed the block, I thought, being the generous sort that I am, that perhaps he kept his personal Twitter feed limited to just family and friends. Then, after my more cynical side spoke up, I decided to test that theory. I have access to a second Twitter account that I co-manage, so a test was in order.


Ahhh. Not blocked. I am personally locked out from his page. Thirty seven thousand, six hundred followers, but I’m blocked. I think I might know why.

I’m sure this contributes to my ongoing persona non grata status. And probably this. Maybe this, too. I’m sure this one didn’t help.

I first noticed the block back in December of 2016, and wrote about it.

This post about something on Nunes’ Congressional web page drew my attention, and not in a good way.

So, maybe it was something I said.

In the spirit of credit where due, I did write something positive about a vote he took, once. Unfortunately, it’s been so long that I can’t find a current link to it. I thought I had it in my archive site, but apparently not. It was a ‘yes’ vote on the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act. If I find it, I’ll add the link.

To be fair, Congressman Nunes has not blocked me from his official account as my Representative.


That’s a plus.

If the politics of this region were logical, then Nunes would be easily ousted from office in 2018. Trouble is, this region, populated by a high percentage of Republican voters, is not logical when it comes to politics. It will be a battle to repeal and replace him, but I am hopeful, if not overly optimistic.

I’ll give it a few months, then check again.

I doubt anything will change.