Peter LaBarbera, a busybody twit whose goal in life is  “exposing and countering the homosexual activist agenda”, Tweeted the message above, after JC_Christian tweaked his nose about the pending Rapture, due on May 21.

Mr. LaBarbera clearly has no clue about chaps, what they are, and who actually invented them.  For clarification, here’s what “assless” chaps really are:

Clearly, the cowboy movement, a hotbed of twisted perversion, has no justifiable reason for wearing assless chaps other than to allow other cowboys to sodomize them.

There are, of course, some variations on chaps…

So, yeah, this cowboy is not likely to be riding the range in these chaps.  I’m assuming this is the kind of thing Pete was frothing about, but you just never know with, as Joe.My.God calls them, asshats.

I wonder what Pete thinks about these chaps?

Clearly, Pete has a rather intense fascination with all things gay.  In the gay community, we call that a closet case.