It happened again.  On Monday the 7th, the Space Shuttle Discovery and the International Space Station flew overhead just after dark.  I went outside to watch, expecting only the Space Station, and was jumping up and down (at least internally. I doubt anyone driving by noticed) when I realized I was getting the double lucky view of the shuttle leading the station in the same orbit, just miles apart from each other.  The Discovery had undocked from the station earlier that day, and was slowly increasing the distance between it and the orbiting outpost with each moment.  Tonight, the shuttle is on the ground, but ISS is still up there, and still gliding majestically across my sky from time to time.

Photo: NASA

Space Cadet Jimmie made a sudden appearance Monday, and again today.  He’s someone I don’t get to visit very often these days, but maybe…  just maybe…  he’ll come around more often.

Jim today

Space Cadet Jimmie

Space Cadet Jimmie was in awe Monday, and still pretty excited tonight.  The Station passed close to the crescent Moon, creating another rare viewing.  He’s had a good week, and maybe we’ll see some more of him.

I kinda like the kid.  And I hadn’t realized how much I missed him.

Fair warning:  He may commandeer this blog from time to time in the future.  Just remember, he’s only 12.