25 years old. Before the Internet.  Before dispatching.  Before Ham Radio-ing.  Still in denial, and barely aware of it.  Still slinging chicken and burgers. (Same month as Best CheeseBurger in town!) Noticing several things about this picture:  Still sleeping on the same waterbed! Still have the CB radio (don’t use it).  Still have the table the CB and the shortwave are sitting on.  Still have the stereo that’s barely visible (do use it), although that turntable died years ago.  Still have the picture that’s on the wall behind me (it’s of the Space Shuttle on the launch pad).  The hair on my chest is now thicker than the hair on my head (and the chest hair is not all that much thicker today than then!).  I have gained a few pounds in the interim.  But only a few.  I think that robe may be in the back of my closet somewhere.

Photo Credit: Mom!

Slightly freaky afterthought…
It’s been longer since that picture was taken, than from my birth to that day!