The most dangerous thing about your iPhone isn’t the radiation.  It’s not the risk of being smacked in the nose for being a techno-snob because you just HAD to have the latest and greatest.  Not even the risk of letting your friends see just how they rank when you are busy texting someone else instead of talking to them!   No, the biggest danger of them all is this…


This damned game, “words with friends” has taken over.  I won’t say everyone at work is playing it, that would imply we’re… they’re… not doing our…  their jobs, and that’s clearly not what’s going on.

Right now, as I write this, I should be in bed, zzzzzzzzzzzzz-ing to wake the band. But I’m not.  I’m playing this absurd game.  Notice the picture?  The blank tile could be an “a”, then all you would need is a “d” for… absurd!

Okay.  I’m going to put the phone down, and go to bed, any cute little chime tones indicating it’s my turn be damned!

BTW, my user name is “Coptalker”.  Feel free to start a game.  Warning, though… I keep odd hours.  If I don’t respond right off, it might be because I’m sleeping.  Like I should be right now.  Good night.