JimmieJoe as Toto?  I did a bit of a double take, too!

The local newspaper, The Visalia Times-Delta, has, as many online portals for media do, a section available for people to post blogs.  Recently, the editor asked for people what their favorite romantic movie was.  One blog poster chose “The Wizard of Oz”.  As is wont of many bloggers, it triggered other thoughts, and inspired a blog.

In this blog, found here, LittleDharma wonders who among the regular posters on the VTD’s site would play various roles if cast into the movie version of The Wizard of Oz.

I won the coveted role of Toto, Dorothy’s lovable if somewhat easily distracted dog.  Here’s what LittleDharma said about casting me as Toto:

Then we have the precious role of Toto, Dorothy’s dog.  This part is played by Jim93277.  Don’t laugh!  I gave this a lot of thought.  Jim knows who bark at and who to leave alone.  A prudent man … er dog.  Jim is just the guy who will lift his leg and give the villains a squirt on their spats.  While intelligent, he still needs Dorothy to remind him, “Toto, we’re not in Kansas any more.”  Hope he squirts on the Wicked Witch of the West.

I’m getting a big kick out of this one.  Read the entire blog here.

UPDATE: 2/1/11 The Times-Delta has pulled the blog, “reviewing” it!  Someone must have taken offense, and clicked the “report abuse” button about a gazillion times.  Put it back, TD.