Lady, don’t be getting exasperated with me because YOU don’t know where you are!  You’re walking on a street in a town you’ve lived in for some time,  there are signs on the corners with the street names, and houses nearby with their numbers!  You should be bright enough to figure out where the hell you are if you can manage to work the damned cell phone!  And you’ve reproduced!  I can hear your kids whining and crying in the background because of the drama you’ve induced!

Yeah, call me back when you get to where you going, even though you don’t know the address of that residence, either!

I love my job.  Really.

Oh, she did call back.  Actually, the people at the house she was going to called, because the drama that started at the first place followed her over to the other place.  It took the cops to defuse the situation.

I love my job.  Really.

Some of the people I deal with…  not so much.  It’s job security, though.  Remember what I said?  She’s reproduced already.  Very likely ‘same song, second verse’ in a few years.

9-1-1…  what’s YOUR emergency??