Ted and Mychal hosted an intimate holiday dinner Saturday night at their condo in Fresno.  A small group of friends got together for some of Mychal and Ted’s great cooking!  Chicken, beef, vegetables, mashed potatoes that may have been the best ever, and desert that was a little bit of heaven.

Ted made a banana pudding for me, since I had been talking about a holiday tradition in our family, but this was something else!  It definitely wasn’t my momma’s banana pudding!  Mom’s was always great, and I love it, but this was something new.  Very tasty, Ted will have to make it more often, now that he’s hooked me on it!

Some more pics after the jump.

Ted giving directions to the hidden condo.  It’s a test… how well can you follow verbal directions??

Dinner is served.

Finger food while we wait.

Eva and Jasmine in their holiday finery!

A tired puppy after a long evening as hostess!