Facebook is spying on me. And you, too.

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So this popped up on my phone a few minutes ago.

I think Facebook is spying on me.

I *did* stop in this afternoon and grabbed two, no chili, but I didn’t check in, didn’t post a picture, didn’t do anything to indicate I had stopped there. I left the phone in the car when I went up to the counter, so Siri didn’t hear me place my order and figure it out that way, and I didn’t speak while eating my ‘dogs in the car, so it couldn’t have ratted me out. I think. He’s (I have the male voice) sneaky sometimes, so there’s no telling what he might have said to Facebook, if he’s the culprit.

Anyone that is complaining about the Covid-19 vaccine, worried that it has tracking micro-chips in it, better not have a smart-phone.

While I’m not particularly worried about being tracked by my phone, it is easy to forget that it’s constantly doing so. Of course, if anyone was to pull my data to see where I’ve been they’d be pretty bored. No secret rendezvous going on here! (I am trying to restrict my journeys to minimums, and practicing distancing and masking when I do go out.)

Facebook, and Gawd only knows who else (HI, NSA!), is tracking me, and probably you, too. Welcome to the future.

A little taste of Visalia

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A little taste of historic Visalia.  Taylor Brother’s Hot Dog stand, at Center and Encina in downtown Visalia.  For years located across the street to the west, the stand was moved and expanded (yes, expanded!) on this lot some years ago.  You can get hot dogs here.  Chili on them if you like.  Soft drinks and chips. That’s about the extent of the menu, and always has been.  Like I told someone today, it’s not gourmet, and you can certainly find better quality ‘dogs elsewhere, but this it Taylor’s, and it’s a Visalia institution and tradition, so we cut it a lot of slack.  I can take up to two at a time, and find that a visit every year or two is sufficient for my needs.  Others make it a family occasion, and the lines at times stretch well into the parking lot.  Give them a try.  Don’t worry about telling them JimmieJoe sent you, they won’t know who I am!  😉


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