Clarence Arthur Reeves

Clarence Arthur Reeves,  born January 29, 1887 in Souix Falls, South Dakota.  Died June 24, 1966 in Woodlake, California.

I don’t really know a whole lot about Grandpa.  I was 9 when he died, and so my memories of him are those of a child.  I remember a quiet, distant man, who didn’t seem to relish the flurry of attention a small child brought to his lap.  He didn’t push any of us, my cousins and I, away, but I don’t recall him going out of his way to interact with us.  Perhaps he didn’t really know how to deal with children, even though he was one of six or more, and he fathered eight (or more) himself.   Our family was his second marriage, which occurred on April 15, 1923.  Some of my research has turned up a bit of a mystery, and I’m still working on finding out more, if I can.