NASA Geek – Opportunity at Santa Maria Crater, Mars

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Designed to last 90 sols (Martian days of about 24 hours and 37 minutes), Mars Rover Opportunity took this picture at Santa Maria Crater yesterday, December 15, 2010, on Sol 2450.  Santa Maria, visible in the background, is about 100 yards across.  Opportunity will explore the crater for a few weeks, and then continue it’s cross country trek to Endurance Crater.  Photo Credit: NASA

NASA Geek – Curiosity Rover Takes a Test Drive

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NASA’s latest Mars rover, Curiosity, passed an agility test by successfully navigating a set of ramps.  Each wheel can maneuver independently, allowing for the flexibility needed to traverse the rocky Martian surface autonomously. Set for launch in late November 2011, the car sized mobile science machine will study Mars for two years or more.

For NASA’s latest article, check out this JPL site.

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