A long time ago, in a universe far, far away…



From my junior year at Mt. Whitney High School, 1974-1975.  I remember that kid, but it’s hard to recognize him.

Gerald Ford is President, Harvey Milk has yet to win elected office, the fall of Saigon is imminent.  Visalia’s population is 65,000.  Apple Computer is a year away.  99.9% of phones have a cord.

He is 17, in serious denial, and is trying to find girls alluring.  It’s not working.

Quick!  I need a time machine!  I need to talk to this kid!

It Was 1976… it could have been worse!

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June, 1976  Senior Prom

About to leave to go pick up my date.

All I can say is the model in the tux catalog looked really good.

We didn’t go in my truck.

Boy, I wish I could go back and talk to this kid for a few minutes!

Oh… look at that hair!  :-/

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