“Big hands”? You decide.

I know emergencies, and, let me tell you, this isn’t one of them!

Betcha’ thought I was going to talk to you about 9-1-1 calls, didn’t you?

Nope, this time it’s all about a grifter who managed to get himself elected President of the United States invoking emergency powers to bypass Congress and the Constitution.

Can you imagine the hue and cry if President Obama had declared a national emergency, bypassed Congress, and imposed single payer?  Our health care system actually is in crisis, but the GOP would have blown it’s collective gasket.

The Republicans and their base, however, are just fine with Hair Furor attempting an end run around the Constitution and the funding mechanisms of the United States government.

The self-proclaimed greatest deal maker in the world couldn’t get Congress to approve funding, so he’ll just declare an emergency and steal the money from the Pentagon and other places. Even with two years of GOP majorities in the House and Senate, 45 couldn’t get the money. Congress has said “NO”, so Donny will attempt to cheat. He’s even said he didn’t need to do it, so one wonders…  why?

Oh, and immediately after he declared a “NATIONAL EMERGENCY” (RED ALERT, sirens,  women and children to the lifeboats, batten down the hatches, shields up, weapons at maximum!) he flew off to Mar a Lago to play golf. Hail to the Chief, and FORE!

He wants that wall so badly, he’s already claiming it’s partially built. “Finish the Wall” banners are now backdrops at his rallies. Shades of “Mission Accomplished”.  Someone show him pictures of the Berlin Wall, and tell him it’s El Paso. He’ll probably believe it. Photoshop a gold “TRUMP” sign on it.

“9-1-1, what’s your emergency?”

bzzz bzzz bzzzz

“Sorry, Donny… still not an emergency. I’m hanging up now.”