Sulu is gay? Could have fooled me.

I just saw ‘Star Trek Beyond’ last night.  (It’s very cool in 3D) Prior to the release, it was announced by John Cho, who plays Sulu in the JJ Abrams reboot/alternate timeline Star Trek, that Sulu is gay.  There are at least two scenes where Sulu is with his husband and their daughter (Demora, one assumes).  However, based on the scenes in the final theatrical release, you might be excused for not seeing the gay part.

Apparently there was a scene where Sulu and his husband kiss, but it’s not in the movie.  As far as a viewer could tell from scenes in the theater, the other man could be anybody, from Sulu’s brother or brother-in-law, to a nanny.  There’s little to indicate the child is even Sulu’s daughter.  The editing cut out any context or sub-context.  A half-second, chaste kiss on the cheek, with both, would have said more than what we see.

If John Cho hadn’t said anything about it, we might have speculated, but we would not be able to say with any certainty that Sulu was meeting his husband and their daughter at Yorktown Station.

I hope the Blu-Ray and/or director’s cut includes the deleted kiss scene.

Oh, and if you don’t tear up at a certain scene where Spock finds a picture in Ambassador Spock’s personal possessions, you have no heart.  (Early in the movie, Spock is notified that Ambassador Spock has died. The death of actor Leonard Nimoy was incorporated into the movie with this sub-plot.)